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Hiking in the Nockberge range in Carinthia

Varied routes between mountains and lakes

There are different types of hikers: Some of them like to be near water, others insist on a mountain peak, and others again like high-altitude trails with great views, but without steep climbs. Luckily, the region around Lake Millstätter See has the right tour in store for all these tastes.

Two people hiking up a mountain
Hike up to the cross

Hiking on altitudes from 600 to 2,000 metres

In the Carinthian mountains around Lake Millstätter See, leisurely hikers as well as ambitious athletes and climbers will find what they are looking for. In terms of topography, the region is structured like a terrace: At its lowest point lies Lake Millstätter See at an altitude of 600 metres – perfect for leisurely strolls and long walks, with the lake always within your field of vision. At an altitude of 800 metres, a high plateau stretches all the way around the lake and invites you to enjoy hikes with glorious views. With an altitude of 2000 metres, the Millstätter Alpe is the destination for choice for mountaineers looking for a more difficult challenge.

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Nockberge Biosphere Park: an experience for nature enthusiasts

The Nockberge National Park, located amidst one of the oldest highland formations in Europe, was founded in 1987 and converted into a UNESCO Bioshpere Park in 2012. Today, it comprises a total area of 184 km², together with the adjacent Biosphere Park Lungau. It is not just home to a highly diverse flora and fauna, but also an impressive leisure destination for visitors that must be preserved for future generations. Immerse yourself in its multi-faceted natural and cultural landscape, on foot, on horseback and along the Nockalmstraße road.

A clearing with only two trees
Colourful landscapes in Carinthia

Precious natural paradise of the Eastern Alps

The Alps have always been the habitat of an incredible range of animal and plant species, and the Nockberge Biosphere Park preserves this history. It is home to highly diverse species such as the ultra-resistant stone pine, or the Speik, a fragrant herb with healing powers that is found nowhere else but here. Wildlife includes shy marmots, alpine salamanders, and countless butterflies and birds. For centuries, humans have shaped this region through the way they lived and worked, making it into a treasured natural and cultural landscape.

A winding road in the mountains.
The Panorama Road in the Nockberge Mountains


Through the heart of the Biosphere Park leads the Nockalmstraße, constructed with the greatest possible care towards its natural environment. On 35 kilometres, it leads from Ebene Reichenau in the east to Krems in the west. The road abounds with panoramic vantage points and also offers information and refreshment stops, playgrounds, rest areas and themed paths along the way. Interesting features include the nature trail, the Karlbad where soothing baths are prepared according to ancient customs, or the Pfandlhütte exhibition.


Hiking in Carinthia Suggestions for tours

Discover the Nockberge at your own pace and from their most beautiful angle. Past geological highlights, across sunny meadows and through shady forests, this unique alpine landscape is just waiting to be explored. The hiking routes range from leisurely family tours to strenuous challenges for experienced hikers. To get you to your starting point, use the Sommerbus Nockberge that runs on the Nockalmstraße on weekdays during the summer months. Let our hiking suggestions inspire you – the Aniwanters have tested them all!

Garnet Gate with 2 hikers and view of Lake Millstatt
Hiking to the Garnet Gate is rewarded with a unique view

Enzian-Granat-Steig and Almbrunn-Steig

The Enzian-Granat-Steig is a circular route from Lammersdorfer Hütte to the Lammersdorfer Almkreuz and the Höhenbrunn rest area, up to the “Stana-Mandl” stone statue. Continue to the Obermillstätter Almkreuz, the "Granattor”, past the Ortner Hütte (which stands empty), back to the starting point. The Almbrunn-Steig is the first section of the trail and ends at the Stana-Mandl. 8 stations along the route illustrate the many ways in which water is important for alpine farming.

Total duration: 3-4 hours
Start: Lammersdorfer Hütte

Family hike to Lake Egelsee

From Seeboden, walk up Wolfsberg to the church of St. Wolfgang. Continue on a beautiful forest path, past a mystical sacrificial stone to Lake Egelsee.

History: Lake Egelsee is located on an elevation between Lake Millstätter See and the Drautal valley. It is a protected moor lake whose waters are said to have a beneficial effect on the skin and joints.

Total walking time: approx. 5 hours
Start: Southern shore / car park behind Seehotel Steiner, Seeboden

one of the countless villas directly on the lake
View the countless historic villas on Lake Millstättersee

Millstatt villa tour

Walking through the historic core of Millstatt, admire 20 villas from the time of the Habsburg empire, when the Austrian nobility had summer residences built here. Some of the villas are open to visitors. By the way – the Haus Gabriele that is part of our hotel today also dates back to this period and was in fact one of the first villas built here.

Total duration: 1–2 hours
Start: Hotel

Path of the pilgrim Domitian in Millstatt

The path of the pilgrim Domitian stretches from the lake up to the high plateau and is a sensual as well as emotional experience, offering unique encounters with the lake and the mountains. 6 stations with Christian cultural monuments along the route also provide beautiful vantage points and idyllic places for contemplation. Depending on your schedule and interest, you may choose one of three sections of the pilgrim’s path:

  • "Who am I” 1st section from Millstatt-Obermillstatt, approx. 1 hour walking time
  • “Why am I walking”, 2nd section from Obermillstatt-Matzelsdorf, approx. 2 hours walking time
  • “Where are my steps taking me”, 3rd section from Matzelsdorf-Millstatt, approx. 3 hours walking time

Start: Hotel Forelle

Ein Paar wandern Hand in Hand.
Entdecken Sie viele verschiedene, einzigartige Wanderwege.

Alpine hike Turracher Höhe-Schwarzsee-Schoberriegel-Grünsee-Turracher Höhe

The tour leads past lakes and up to the 2,208 m high Schoberriegel.

Total walking time: approx. 4 hours

You can find even more tours in the Carinthian tour portal, where you can search specifically for hiking tours as well as mountain biking, cycling and climbing tours.

Kneipp panorama trail on the Mirnock

Past the "hotspots of strengths” in the villages of Gschriet and Glanz, hike up towards Gasthof Possegger and Alpengasthof Bergfried where you can stop for refreshments. Along the route, you will pass a hand basin and water treading basin, with information boards and tips, as well as a herb garden.

Duration: 1 to 4 hours
Start: Alpengasthof Bergfried

A hiking holiday in Carinthia

Hiking stimulates the body, soothes the mind and is balm for the soul! Choose from a multitude of tours and restore your energy levels with one of the many delicious treats served in a mountain hut or inn. Back at the Seeglück Hotel Forelle, you can enjoy the amenities of our private lakeside beach or wellness area. Sounds good? Then send us your non-binding inquiry!


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