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Summer daytrip destinations and activities in Carinthia

Attractions around Lake Millstätter See

The Seeglück Hotel Forelle is your perfect base for exploring the many sights and attractions that Carinthia holds in store. Discover the world of the garnet stone, visit the picturesque artists’ town of Gmünd, or let the many cultural events and festivals in the region enchant you: Carinthia is at your feet! For more tips on daytrips and events, simply ask the experts at our hotel.



A big boat in the middle of a lake.
Enjoy an impressive panoramic drive on Lake Millstättersee.

Cruises on Lake Millstätter See

All aboard for a cruise on Lake Millstätter See, with splendid views, a pleasant breeze coming off the lake, and food and drink served on board. Whether full cruise, panorama cruise or short round trip, the silky waters of the lake and the gorgeous mountains will let you forget everything else.

Porcia castle and Komödienspiele festival

Porcia castle in Spittal an der Drau is one of the most beautiful and important Renaissance buildings outside Italy. Every year in July and August, the arcades become a theatre stage housing several productions. The castle is also home to the Museum for Folk Culture.

Sommeregg Castle

A ghoulish torture museum, a castle restaurant, the medieval games that take place here every August, thick walls, embrasures, and everything else that makes a proper castle: Sommeregg has it all. Embark on a fascinating journey to the Middle Ages!

one of the countless villas directly on the lake
View the countless historic villas on Lake Millstättersee

Villa trail

This beautiful walk takes you past the most impressive villas in Millstatt, through the historic core of the village, where 20 sumptuous villas from the second half of the 19th century bear witness to times long gone.

Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer

Carinthia also has a few treats in store for car enthusiasts : In Gmünd, they may pay a visit to Europe’s first private Porsche museum that also houses special exhibitions with models from the Porsche works museum in Stuttgart. A range of rare racing cars completes the collection.

A beautiful partly almost black and red garnet stone
Visit the Grantium Museum in Carinthia


Did you know that Carinthia is home to the garnet stone? In the galleries of the Millstätter Alpe, garnet was mined for years, and then taken to Bohemia where it was cut to make Bohemian garnet jewellery. The Granatium in Radenthein has plenty of fascinating facts in store about these ruby-red gemstones. You may even knock your very own garnet stone out of the rockface and take it home with you as a souvenir.

Sagamundo House of Legends

In Döbriach, the Sagamundo House of Legends awaits, offering you the perfect opportunity for immersing yourself in the rich folklore of this region. More than 30 Carinthian legends, stories, myths and fairy tales are skilfully interwoven and presented through a range of media in the permanent exhibition.

A variety of beautifully crafted bonsai trees
Worth a visit: the Bonsai Museum

Bonsai museum in Seeboden

Admire over 4,000 bonsai trees during a leisurely stroll through the Japanese garden. On an area of 15,000 m², visitors may explore one of Europe’s oldest bonsai centres, an enchanting variety of plants, and the art of Far Eastern gardening.

The artists’ town of Gmünd

Every summer, the picturesque medieval old town of Gmünd hosts a lively art scene, with numerous renowned artists presenting their works in exhibitions and working in small studios where visitors are welcome. In addition, a different special exhibition is hosted every year. For 2021, it’s Picasso’s turn!

Several books with red ribbons are in a window
Millstatt Abbey enchants with Romanesque architecture

Millstatt Monastery and Museum

The former Benedictine monastery in Millstatt is one of Carinthia’s most distinctive Romanesque edifices. Built in 1070, it dominates the village to this day. The collegiate church with its vast fresco of the Last Judgment may be visited during the day. The diocese museum tells the history of the monastery and also houses a mineral collection and exhibition on mining in Upper Carinthia.

International Music Weeks

From May until October, an extensive programme of concerts with both sacred and secular oeuvres for choir and orchestra as well as important chamber music works is performed in the historic ambience of Millstatt Monastery. A colourful array of high-calibre concerts!

A man stands in a cheese warehouse and smells a cheese.
Tasty cheese made from cow's and goat's milk


The Kaslab’n in Radenthein tells visitors all about the art of cheesemaking. Cheese specialties may be tasted (and purchased) in the shop.


This miniature world on the shores of Lake Wörthersee is an enchanting destination for all age groups. Admire famous buildings from all over the world, reconstructed at a scale of 1:25!

International Music Weeks

From May until October, an extensive programme of concerts with both sacred and secular oeuvres for choir and orchestra as well as important chamber music works is performed in the historic ambience of Millstatt Monastery. A colourful array of high-calibre concerts!


Two men stand in a boat and fish
Swing your fishing rod into the water and enjoy the beautiful day

Fisherman’s paradise: lakes and rivers in Carinthia

Austria has an abundance of water and is an environmentally conscious country. As a result, its fish population is thriving. Carinthia, with its multitude of crystal-clear lakes and rivers, is a veritable paradise for fishing. Lake Millstätter See is home to many fish species, first and foremost the “Reinanke”, a type of whitefish. If you’d like to go fishing while on holiday, you couldn’t have come to a better place: There are lots of opportunities in the immediate vicinity, and lots of tips to be had from the Aniwanter family who has its own fishing waters. Hobby fishermen will find ideal conditions to indulge in their favourite pastime not just at Lake Millstätter See, but also at the nearby Drau and Lieser rivers.

Happy as a fish in water – certainly true at Lake Millstätter See!

Insiders know that Lake Millstätter See is known for its large number of Reinanken, a type of whitefish. This species is part of the salmon family and stands out for its particularly delicate flesh that is easy to chew and very healthy. The lake also abounds with lake trout, perch, pike, carp, tench, catfish, pike perch, char, and many other. Our kitchen will be happy to prepare your catch for you – just the way you like it!

Two people net fishing on a small boat
Fishing on Lake Millstätter See

Requirements for fishing in Carinthia

To fish in the fishing area of the Seeglück Hotel Forelle, you need a permit that we can order for you at reception. Simply collect your permit from the office of the Fishing Association in Millstatt, and you’re ready to cast your line!
For other fishing areas, the terms and conditions of the respective leaseholders apply.

Fly fishing in Carinthia

Fly fishing is also possible in Carinthian rivers, which offer excellent conditions to beginners and experienced fly fishers alike. If you are new to fly fishing, contact one of the local experts.


The Nockmobil is the easiest way of getting back to the Forelle from your tours and daytrips and keeps you flexible even without a car! This taxi-sharing service covers the regions of Lake Millstätter See, Bad Kleinkirchheim and the Nockberge. Simply call and you and your e-bike will be picked up from your hiking tour, tourist attraction or thermal spa visit. A quick, fuss-free way of getting back to your starting point! We recommend booking the Nockmobil service 60 minutes before your desired pick-up time.

Sun–Thurs from 8am until 10pm
Fri, Sat and before national holidays from 8am until midnight

Booking hotline +43 123 500 444 24

For more information and fares, see https://www.nockmobil.at/en/.


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