Whitefish fishery

Fishing for whitefish on Lake Millstatt – on your own or with your hosts

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You can also fish catfish in the Lake Millstatt

Hotel am See****Die Forelle is located right on the shore Lake Millstatt, which is an award-winning fishing lake with an abundance of different species. Lake Millstatt is a popular destination for casting a line or a net thanks to its top-quality water and particularly high whitefish population. So pack your fishing gear and enjoy a fishing holiday in Carinthia – your trip is sure to be a resounding success. If you love fish but don't want to catch it yourself, you can still enjoy fresh fish caught daily from our very own whitefish fishery.

Fishing on Lake Millstatt

Our Senior Manager Mathias and Junior Manager Stefanie Aniwanter both have a passion for fishing. During your holiday, you are welcome to accompany them and watch as they fish on the lake. If this sparks your interest, or if you’re already a seasoned fisher, you can also go fishing yourself. Your hosts are happy to provide tips on the best time to go and the best fishing spots.

If you want to give fishing on Lake Millstatt a try, you need a fishery permit, which you can order at the hotel reception and pick up from the office in Millstatt am See.


Lake Millstatt - home to a multitude of fish

Fish clearly feel right at home in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Millstatt, which is renowned for its abundance of different species and is therefore a popular stomping ground for both hook-and-line and net fishers. The lake contains a particularly large number of whitefish, which live alongside lake trout, char, zander, wels catfish, perch, tench and many other species. Fishers with plenty of patience may even be lucky enough to catch a pike!

Caught fres for you daily: whitefish fishing on Lake Millstatt

Early in the morning, when most people are still asleep, we are already out on the lake catching fish for our guests. We catch whitefish in our fishing waters in the town of Millstatt am See on a daily basis. The fish are then taken to our hotel restaurant, where they are delicately prepared and served to our guests. A holiday at Hotel am See****Die FORELLE gives you the opportunity to enjoy as much fresh fish as you could want from one of the most beautiful lakes in Carinthia. Our kitchen team are also happy to prepare any whitefish you catch yourself to suit your taste buds.

Have we whet your appetite? If so, we look forward to welcoming you for a holiday at our family-run Hotel am See****Die Forelle in Carinthia soon. Make the first move now by sending us your enquiry!


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