Ligne St Barth at Hotel am See****Die Forelle

A spa experience with Caribbean flair at Lake Millstatt

Ligne St Barth products
Natural products of Ligne St Barth

We look forward to pampering you with exclusive Ligne St Barth beauty products at our 4-star Hotel am See****Die Forelle. Come and enjoy products with exotic natural ingredients that are not only highly effective but also full of the delightful scents of summer and sunshine.

About Ligne St Barth Natural Cosmetics

Ligne St Barth is a family business that was founded in 1983 by Birgit and Hervé Brin, who still run its renowned laboratory today. The company is based on one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands, Saint Barthélemy, which is commonly known as St. Barts. The French ancestors of the Brin Family settled on the island in the 17th century. Once there, they learnt about the healing effects of tropical plants from the indigenous population and combined these Caribbean traditions with the latest technology at the highest standards.

Today, Ligne St Barth products offer extraordinary quality and this has given them an extremely impressive reputation among international experts and world-famous magazines. Ligne St Barth care products are produced exclusively in the company’s laboratory on St. Barts and contain all of the active ingredients from the plants, fruits and flowers they are extracted from. All of their products meet the international guidelines set by the cosmetics industry, are dermatologically tested and are not tested on animals.

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Ligne St Barth products
Let yourself be pampered with the products of Ligne St Barth

Spa treatments with Ligne St Barth products at Hotel am See****Die Forelle

St Barth Softness - body scrub massage with coconut oil and papaya

A relaxing peeling massage for velvety soft and smooth skin. Fruit enzymes from fresh papaya, natural yoghurt and a special mineralised sea sand complex remove dead skin cells while pure coconut oil provides the skin with lasting care and nourishing nutrients. This treatment is the ideal preparation for a particularly long-lasting and even tan.

St Barth Freshness – facial and décolleté treatment with a hand massage and fresh papaya, pineapple or cucumber mousse

Enjoy an intensive, relaxing and rejuvenating treatment for your face, neck, décolleté and hands. The effects of the high-quality plant-based care products with natural vitamins and minerals are intensively enhanced with freshly prepared fruit. The combination of natural freshness on your skin and the wonderfully delicate Caribbean fragrances will whisk you away to an exotic world and leave you with a visibly clearer, fresher and more even complexion. A caring hand massage with the fragrance of bourbon vanilla, fine lily or Caribbean tiare flower perfectly rounds off the feel-good experience.

St Barth Sensation – a fine body mask with a pampering relaxing massage

A pampering body mask that provides the skin with an intensive moisture boost and is a real treat for all the senses. Choose your favourite fragrance from a selection of bourbon vanilla, delicate tiare flower or exotic lily. The creamy and silky mask is gently applied to your body and intensively nourishes your skin with nutrients and lipids from top-quality plant-based oils. Afterwards, you can lie back and relax while enjoying a wonderfully scented massage. This treatment will leave you with visibly softer and silky smooth skin.

St Barth Pureness – facial treatment

Experience an extraordinarily gentle treatment and enjoy the fresh fragrances of natural elixirs reminiscent of a colourful Caribbean bowl of fruit. This particularly tranquil and pampering treatment promotes intense relaxation. The high-quality plant-based skincare products with natural vitamins and minerals have an intensive clarifying effect and stimulate the skin’s natural activity.

Give your skin, your body’s largest organ, the ultimate pampering session with this extra-special treatment. We look forward to receiving your enquiry for a holiday at Hotel am See****Die Forelle!

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